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On Page Optimisation for Affiliate Marketers

On Page Optimisation for Affiliate Marketers (via

A few years ago, many affiliate marketers were enjoying success with sites that were generated virtually on auto-pilot. They would set up virtual stores with titles and descriptions pulled from the site they are affiliated with, and let those sites run themselves. Sadly, that marketing technique no…

The Three Sorts Of SEO Solutions

The 3 Varieties Of SEO Services (via

The Three Sorts Of SEO Solutions As you scout about for SEO services, you could wonder what sets a single company’s SEO services apart from another’s. Businesses which supply SEO services normally use different SEO philosophies, tools and techniques for optimizing their clients’ websites. These…

Link Building – Three Steps to Success

Link Building – Three Steps to Success (via

Most SEO’s agree that there are two main elements of getting a site to perform (after ensuring there are no technical errors of course). The first is on page SEO. This includes things like optimised page titles and optimised content written around your chosen keywords. The second is link building…

4 Smart Ways to Use Other People’s Content

4 Smart Ways to Use Other People’s Content (via

While you do need to create your own content as the foundation for your total content and teaching strategy, you can—and should—supplement your content with that from other people. One of the best services marketers can provide these days is to act as a filter for all that’s being produced out…

4 SEO Strategies That Do Harm Rather Than Good

4 SEO Strategies That Do Harm Rather Than Good (via Social Web Tools)

The world of SEO optimization has to be the most dynamic in the world of inbound marketing. SEO tips or rather those shortcuts that got your page soaring to the top of the search engine almost instantly a few weeks ago, do not work anymore. They bring in neither the clients nor the money. You are baffled…

Hit by Google Panda & Penguin! What Do I Do Now?

Hit by Google Panda & Penguin! What Do I Do Now? (via

Many websites and blogs that are completely legitimate have been hit hard by Google’s Penguin and Panda algorithm updates. There are quite a number of websites that have been de-indexed completely, while others have been relegated to the back pages of search results. Many legitimate websites have…

Make More Money as a Passionate Blogger

If you want to build make money blogs, you’ll want to consider your personal passions.

If you think that seems a little sentimental for the dollars and cents world of marketing, think again. Why should you really care about something as unquantifiable as your emotions? If the numbers add up, a good niche is a good niche, regardless of whether you’re fascinated or repelled by it, right?


If there’s one thing experience has taught us about blogging profitably, it’s the fact that those who are sincerely interested in their subject matters are far more likely to succeed than others are. There are some strong justifications for choosing a niche you love. Let’s look at a few of them.

First, you’re more likely to create quality content that really answers the concerns of those looking for relevant information. If you know and care about a topic, you’re less likely to produce factually inaccurate material. You’re also far more likely to create content that will connect with your blog’s readers. Passion for a topic makes you a better content provider, and that’s how to make money blogging.

Second, you’re much less likely to abandon a project if you care about the subject area. You need to be motivated to succeed and picking a topic you love can give you that motivation. Blogging involves more than a one-time effort. Success relies on updates and ongoing attention. If you choose a niche that doesn’t match your passions, you’ll find it hard to keep things running–and making money.

Third, here are other benefits to working a niche that matches your passions. If you’re passionate about your niche, you’ll find new and exciting ways to expand your business that might otherwise pass unnoticed. If you’re not really interested in widgets, you’re not going to discover some great ways to maximize the value of your widget blog. You’ll overlook opportunities to interest, excite and motivate your readers. You can’t hope to see the best opportunities to profit if you’re not fascinated by your niche. If you’re actually passionate about your niche, you’ll naturally discover new ideas and ways to improve your blogging business.

Last but not least, it’s fun. There’s nothing better than doing something you love. We all want to start making money online with our blogging. That doesn’t mean we always need to think purely in terms of money, though. There’s nothing better than actually enjoying both your work and the money it generates.

Consider your personal passions when choosing niches for blogging. Don’t be satisfied by removing only the least interesting options. Choose niches that really interest and excite you. Blogging about things you love is a great way to improve your business on multiple levels.

Where Should You Get Your Hyperlinks From?

Developing your website with an attractive design and high quality content ought to go side by side with building hyperlinks. Building hyperlinks with a good link building service are very essential for the page rank. But should you think, the much more the hyperlinks your website has, the much more is going to be your page rank, you are wrong. You will find specific values for each hyperlinks. Not all the hyperlinks are treated equally. The hyperlinks that you get from respected websites, well-known websites, most sought after websites are worthier than the hyperlinks you may get from normal websites and new websites. A little analysis of which websites are worth getting a website link from would clear this issue.

First of all you must see the age of the website. The older it may be the better. The search engines worth the old websites as trusted one than the new ones. It enjoys a good reputation to get a good ranking. Also, most of the older websites will be very well-known too, as they will be in the business for a long time. So, you must be constantly trying to get hyperlinks from this kind of websites with a seo service. One website link from this kind of websites would have much more worth than ten ordinary hyperlinks.

Then the next thing you ought to take note of may be the page rank. It is a good scale to determine the quality of the website. Though Google rates the websites on numerous scales, the one that is visible to the public may be the Google Toolbar Page Rank. It has a amount between and 10. The website that has the page rank of 10 means it is really a quality website. And as the websites enter the web their page rank will be . It starts to improve as they gain popularity. So, to get a website link from the websites which have a higher page rank has much more worth.

Then those websites which have a greater number of indexed pages are worthier to get a website link. This we might find out by just typing website: in Google Search. This will show all the pages indexed in Google. If the website has thousands of indexed pages, it shows that the website has been there in company for a number of years.

The number of incoming hyperlinks is very essential to choose a website. This may be discovered effortlessly by typing website link: in Google search. This will give you a list of domains which are linking to that website. From this, we might evaluate the reputation and significance of the website. The website visitors also determines the quality of the website. You might use automatic applications like SEOmoz Trifecta Tool or tools from seo link building service such as SEO Link Vine to assess the quality of a website on the web. To get back hyperlinks from this kind of websites will add excellent worth to your website.

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