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5 Tricks to Attract Readers and 5 That Don’t Work

5 Tricks to Attract Readers and 5 That Don’t Work (via

Whether your potential readers discover your posts via a friend sharing on Facebook, a social bookmarking site or just a search engine, chances are they’re not going to give much thought to whether they should bother checking you out or not. They’ll read the title of your blog post, and whether…

Backup Creator Loves Amazon S3

Have you heard of this thing called Amazon S3? You will, if you haven’t, and if you also use Backup Creator then you will absolutely love the magic they create together.

Amazon S3 is an (almost) free service where you can store all your files … unlimited space … basically, the math comes out to where it’s WAY CHEAPER to host your files on S3 than on your own web space …

And, you might not know this, but they give you the first 5 GB of storage for free … pretty neat.

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Ad Unit Magic

Are you happy with the income from the Adsense ads on your website? Ad Unit Magic promises to show you how you can earn up to $100 for each visitor to your websites, by automatically replacing your low payout Adsense ads with high income Clickbank / affiliate ads.

I know it’s really easy to just insert a bit of code and let Google take care of serving up appropriate ads.

But the resulting income can be very disappointing.

In some niches, the payout can be as little as one or two cents per click.

And you really do need a lot of “one cents clicks” to make a decent income!

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Twitter Business Magic PLR

Finally Increase The Response From Your Twitter Followers…AND Get Top Search Engine Rankings By Using This Simple Step-by-Step 6 Part Video Course with Private Label Rights!

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