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10 Tips for Unlocking the Potential of LinkedIn as a Business Tool

10 Tips for Unlocking the Potential of LinkedIn as a Business Tool (via

LinkedIn may not yet be as loud as Facebook, as perfectly search engine compatible yet as Google+, or as frequently updated as Twitter – but as a social media site, it has a unique flavor that makes businesses more successful if used in the right way. For one, it was clearly created as a professional…

Which Comes First – The Blog or the Visitors?

Which Comes First – The Blog or the Visitors? (via Writing Paying Articles)

Which comes first, the blog or the visitors? Ans: The blog Reasoning You need superb content and masses of it on a good-looking blog before you even start looking for visitors or they are never going to visit, read, link or join in. Your Objectives If you have any website your objectives will be the…

Advice On Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer

Advice On Becoming A Successful Affiliate Marketer (via

It is not a secret that you must spend some money to make some money. The same goes when starting to venture into affiliate marketing. Invest money into your campaign by advertising through different websites and online venues. Google, Facebook and Yahoo will allow you to yield good results if you…

When the Government Comes Knocking, Who Has Your Back?

When the Government Comes Knocking, Who Has Your Back? (via EFF)

EFF Charts the Privacy and Transparency Practices of the Internet’s Biggest Companies For Immediate Release: Thursday, May 31, 2012 San Francisco – When you use the Internet, you entrust your thoughts, experiences, locations, and more to companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook. But what happens…

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Advertisers and Facebook face an uphill battle. But it could be worth it.

Advertisers and Facebook face an uphill battle. But it could be worth it. (via The Christian Science Monitor)

By Megan Riesz posted May 18, 2012 at 9:55 am EDT With its initial public offering, Facebook has gotten flak for its advertising scheme, which critics say is “immature.” Although some say General Motor’s decision to stop advertising on the social network won’t have an enormous impact on Facebook…

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Soar To The First Page With Social Marketing Done Right

Now that Google is watching social network activity more closely and changing its algorithms to give more weight to social media, would you like to know how to read and respond effectively to crucial social signals that impact your marketing efforts?

The proliferation of Social Networks has literally transformed the way we communicate with our target markets, establish contacts, find potential networking partners and know, with certainty, what our customer base REALLY wants from us.

Inside the free special report “Soar To The First Page With Social Marketing Done Right“, you can explore some of the potential and some of the pitfalls of the fast emerging Social Network world, including:

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Provide Value While Building Your Business

Cooling the Heavy Sell

Have you ever before walked into a store, or possibly more presently into a car seller and instantly been surrounded by sales people wanting to push you into a decision to make a order? It can be extremely annoying. It is just a put off. It’s hard to be in a marketing enterprise of any type. To practice it best you have to walk a fine balance somewhere between educational, engaged or downright sneaky.

Research conducted recently of electronic sales promotion practices and the way they impact readers labeled ‘The Social Break-Up’ showed just how manipulative marketing approaches appeared to be the number one reason why customers unsubscribed to mailing lists, and / or social network accounts, and / or ‘un-liked’ pages on Facebook as well as other forms of subscribed marketing communications for instance RSS feeds.

The balance is somewhere between providing clever, interesting info on a timely schedule, and spamming the web with promotions, hyperlinks, outright advertising and a barrage of crappy come-ons, and sales letters. If you obtain reputable email subscriptions you’re given trust, and you’ve got to work hard in order to not bust that trust.

If you do it correctly, and develop the assurance of your members you can expect to create a devotion that is beneficial beyond comprehension. If you ever misuse the faith given you, it will ruin any kind of impact your list might have potentially had.

When you are using blog pages, or perhaps social media sites, you have to publish frequently, however they absolutely must include important details, not only urls or marketing blurbs. If you spread several of those types of posts amongst a huge majority of informative blogposts or interesting articles and reviews and statements, that is okay, however your page should never resemble a long list of web addresses, and / or marketing pitches.

If you are using mailing lists, please beware of how many times you are delivering email messages. Even the most educational content material might get frustrating if it is showing up daily, if not more regularly. I have been subscribed to mailing lists that sent out emails having blurbs of obvious sales pitches three to four times on a daily basis. There isn’t any greater motivator to hit that remove yourself from list backlink.

It is seductive to give in to the hard sell. This is also true if you’re keen about the merchandise yourself. Remember that hard sell is pushy, and will turn even the most intrigued consumer entirely against your product. It’s a standard reaction of a doubtful public, made distrustful because of the ever-growing amount of sales pages, and links on the web.

Making use of social bookmarking sites, weblogs and sales sites are fantastic methods of online marketing, but at all times keep your client’s interests in mind. Be sure you use material that exhibits just how superb your product is in an authentic way, and just how you can understand their issues. Not every article you create, or email you post has to market something. In the event you include links in every email, position some off to the sides, or even at the end of otherwise helpful and engaging details so your audience discover how much you actually care, and can obtain real aid and also encouragement from you, besides your sales pitches. You will be amazed at how frequently the trust you develop can become sales along with clicks.

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Web Presence – Getting Your Website Seen

Sometimes it’s difficult to create a presence on the internet. You try and try and you’re just not making it. Your website is lost somewhere down in the basement of Google. The key to success in the online world is website traffic. So what’s a company to do?

– Find a good freelance SEO consultant and hire them. Ask around, do some research, and find an online media agency with a good track record. That company can help get your website to the top of Google.

– YouTube is the biggest social media tool on the Internet today. It gets more hits than Facebook or Google. Google now even offers a tool that translates videos to texts. If you’d rather not be on YouTube yourself you can create PowerPoint presentations about your company and post them to YouTube. YouTube can help your company climb to the top of internet ratings.

– Blogs are another way of getting readers to your website and creating brand awareness. Attach a Blog to your website and make sure that there are plenty of links to your site. Always blog about something that is pertinent to your business or company.

– Articles draw people to your website. There are plenty of free places to publish articles that will include the name of your website and showcase some of your business acumen and expertise. Look into,,, and Each has its own positive and negative attributes but any and all of them can get you published and linked to your website.

– Social networking can get your company’s name swiftly into the online world, drawing visitors to your website and ultimately bringing in new clients with new business. Make sure, when you decide to get into social networking, that you use a name that accurately describes yourself, and more importantly, your business. Include a link to your business’s website in each post. Social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites.

– Online marketing is well served by press releases. Press releases keep your customers and potential customers up on company news and upcoming events. Your brand reputation will be enhanced and your company’s web presence will be established. Press releases will create possible relationships with potential customers and bring traffic to your website.

The key to all of this is to always include a link to your website. You can tweet and Facebook ’til the cows come home but if readers don’t know where to find your website all of your work is in vain. Try the ideas above to watch your company’s website shoot up the Google rankings. A successful website will be on the first page of Google searches. Get out there and make it happen!

Get indexed, get ranked, get traffic

No one can deny that you need traffic to your website in order to succeed online. And nothing beats free traffic. Where does free traffic come from? Google and other search engines.

How does free search engine traffic work?

The process works in a way that you have experienced many many times. You go to Google. Type in something you’re looking for. And click one of the links that shows up. Turns out that the website you visit just got free traffic from the search engine. We will be discussing here how to get website traffic to you for free.

Most people only click results from the first couple pages. Actually, almost 100% of the free traffic goes to this first page of results. And what’s more, the first 3 get over 70% of the clicks.

So, obviously your site needs to be in the first page of results to get free traffic from Google. To do that, you need to be “ranked” in Google’s Top 10 results. Which brings up..

What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization means that Google thinks your site matches what people are typing into their search box. The formula Google uses to determine this is known only by Google. However, we do know a few things that count.

Getting indexed

Before you can get ranked, Google has to first know your site exists. This is known as being “indexed.” What this means is that Google visits your site and records information about it in their database.

To get indexed, you have to help Google find your site. Getting a link from another site will accomplish this easily. Because Google already knows about these sites, it will follow the new links to you.

Use your Twitter and Facebook updates to get quick indexed links to your site. Because these sites are indexed multiple times every day. And follows new links it finds immediately.

Gaining ranking

After this first hurdle, you need to start gaining ranking. Google has billions of pages indexed, so just getting into their database does not mean anyone will see you.

There are three components of gaining ranking:

  • Content
  • Links
  • Activity

Content strategies

This is also called on-page SEO. You need to make sure your content matches the search terms you’re going after. Clearly this article is about search engine optimization. One reason Google knows this is because the words search engine optimization appear inside it. But also because other related words like traffic generation show up in it, as well.

In addition to the content on the page, other things to keep in mind are the title tags on the page, and the domain name itself. Google uses all of this content to figure out what your site is really about.

Your links

Next, you need to pay attention to the links to and from your site. This includes both the inbound and outbound links. It’s very important that you have more links coming in than you have going out. And the more inbound links the better.

A very easy way to get a lot of links to your site is through article marketing. To accomplish this you start by writing an article that targets the keywords you’re after. Then you have to create multiple versions of this articles. Because you’re going to post a unique copy of it to lots of different websites. The more sites you can do this for, the more links you’ll get back.

Make your site active

And lastly, it’s seems clear that Google expects important pages to be actively updated. You can’t just put up a page and leave it alone and expect it to rank well. Google expects you to be updating your site regularly. One way to keep adding new content it through RSS feeds.

Comments from other people on your page are another fantastic way to keep your content updated. So, obviously, you need to get people to visit your site on your own, too. Online forums are simple source of real live visitors.

Create profiles on lots of forums about your site’s topic. Then become active in the forum. Then put a link to your site in your profile. This generates even more links back to your site. And it will also get real visitors to your site.


It’s important that you do everything listed here. But let’s face it, writing multiple versions of the same article. Creating profiles on a ton of forums. And posting your content all over the web is time consuming. Which means you probably won’t end up doing it.

Fortunately, you can get rank builder software to do all the grunt work for you. So, use your time wisely and automated to tedious tasks. And then you’re sure to get it done. By taking these steps you practically ensure you’ll get free traffic from Google.

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