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[Webinar] How to Blog to Make a Great Living

Host: Dan Page
Time: Thursday 10/18/2012 8:00 PM (Recorded)


Making Money on the Internet” is incredibly difficult and maddening for most people. The learning curve is steep and you can invest thousands of dollars in a heartbeat, with little to no results.

This is what Kim Ezzell was facing when she began a second career, six years ago.

Fast forward six years: Kim works part-time on the Internet from her home office, earning more than many people earn, working full time. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips That Can Help Out Any Blogger

Tips That Can Help Out Any Blogger (via

Blogging is easy and everyone is doing it these days. Maintaining a blog is currently a very popular activity. However, if you want to have a successful blog, you have to make certain decisions, and set certain goals. The following hints and tips can help you get started on creating a blog that is…

Which Comes First – The Blog or the Visitors?

Which Comes First – The Blog or the Visitors? (via Writing Paying Articles)

Which comes first, the blog or the visitors? Ans: The blog Reasoning You need superb content and masses of it on a good-looking blog before you even start looking for visitors or they are never going to visit, read, link or join in. Your Objectives If you have any website your objectives will be the…

5 Benefits of Leaving Your Comments on Blogs

5 Benefits of Leaving Your Comments on Blogs (via Aries – Graphic Design & Internet Marketing)

Visibility: You would be amazed at who reads the comments on blogs.  Your comments will give you more visibility and brand recognition.  If your comments are interesting people will click your links to see where else you have commented and possibly even follow you back to your own blog.  We can…

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Little Known Ways to Engage Your LinkedIn Connections for Building Your Network

Little Known Ways to Engage Your LinkedIn Connections for Building Your Network (via From Jordans to the Executive Suit)

Did you know two new members join LinkedIn approximately every second? With over 161 million professionals on LinkedIn, the opportunities to increase your online presence and build meaningful relationships are truly unlimited. Okay, so you’re on LinkedIn. You contacted several different people…

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Magazine Article Traffic

Get More Traffic From The Search Engines Without Manipulating Your Website! Start Using Public Domain Magazine content to drive traffic to your niche website or blog

Read More: Magazine Article Traffic

Common SEO Mistakes

Are You Creating These Popular SEO Errors?

SEO can be something virtually anyone that has a web business or blog knows about. The actual concept driving SEO is not rocket science obtaining the greatest standing on various search engines which means end up getting the first chance at the desired blog traffic. As effortless as the idea is, and at the same time uncomplicated as the most usual tricks of accomplishing SEO success are, lots of website and blog entrepreneurs are generating problematic problems which in turn cost them a good deal in energy and time.

Tag: You’re It

Tags are very often misinterpreted , and perhaps brushed aside entirely by newbie on-line marketers. It’s not difficult to ignore the very basic of website or blog developing elements when computer programs or systems actually do the actual creating for you. In a large number of instances a website designer may have meta tags concealed in the menu bar, and customers don’t make an effort to modify these. Since most of the most popularly accepted among these programs are WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get), customers begin constructing their site using the page windows , and as a consequence don’t even think to switch the specific name of the stored file much less the main tag words. Have a look at the top bar when you construct your internet site. Any time it states “home” then you will most certainly be missing out on lots of beneficial SEO juice. One have got to replace your home page name on your web page in order to mirror the organization or perhaps website name, plus that name has to include all of your top level keyword or phrase inside it if at all achievable. The very same is truly accurate concerning blogs, although they will tend to end up being considerably less of a pain as you will be required to decide on a web address in the vast majority of scenarios right away , and likewise title your blog. If your blog’s homepage includes “home,” found at the the very top , or within the actual address, find out tips on how a person could alter that to be much more SEO friendly.

Double Tagging

You’ll want to alter your current hompage to reflect the organization title containing keywords and key phrases , but you really don’t need each and every blog page for your web site to actually include the exact label. You decrease the extra SEO full advantage of an array of internet pages when they are actually all similar. You actually should really likewise steer clear of permitting any webpages being labeled using generic names, specifically about, links, features etc. As an illustration , in the event that you maintain a webpage on the subject of your Arabian pony mating farm your home page may possibly be marked The Well-known Arabian Race horses , and yet you really want the various other pages to echo the content and articles while choosing SEO advantageous tags at the same time. Instead of “about,” employ The acclaimed Arabian Breeding Tradition , as an alternative to Ponies , introducing your stock use items for instance My very own Prominent Arabian Stallions, Arabian Mares. Instead of on sale title your web site Arabian show ponies for sale , or something similar.

Non-Descript Calls to Action

Definitely one of the major and most usual errors is certainly linking to a universal expression just like just click here. You will see it all of the time and it can be a good inspirational method to be able to get buyers to click a link. Your main problem is in fact that particular site link is not actually web engine friendly. Each of the web page links found on the site ought to pull internet search engine juice. In place of marking them with universal terms , place the click the link inside the actual text (bold in cases where you need to be extra aggressive ) and after that connect to a descriptive of what you would like these items to visit. Just like: To obtain more information go here for marketing and advertising techniques which experts claim work.

The Problems with Now

Ultimately , following all the arduous care , as well as endlessly working your internet site quite possibly the most popular misstep web marketers make can be stopping prematurely. You reside in a “Now” society. It’s been like that for many years , and also the eagerness , and need to have just what we want automatically is actually more or less ingrained within ones psyche. All the same , if the idea entails SEO, you will need a bit of energy. You have got to permit the spiders to locate you, and then allow for every bit of your amazing hard worked pages, and articles time to reflect in the standings. Don’t expect website traffic to pour on your website the morning after you post it, even if you’ve done it all right. It can necessitate weeks, and perhaps months before you find real effects from your attempts.

SEO, Google Adsense and Google Adwords

When it comes to making money for your website, Google Adsense and adwords can be considered as two sides of the same coin. Especially when combined with the perfect SEO strategy, these can really turn any blog or website into a fruitful business.

What is the difference between Google Adwords and Adsense? Read the rest of this entry »

Blogging Brings Fame: What Kinds of Blogs That Can Get You Really Famous

Blogging is indeed one of the most popular things people do when they go online. In fact, majority of internet users now writes blogs and has their own blogging website. Blogging can get you quite famous.

In fact, some blog writers even became overnight sensation where their blogs spread like wildfire on the internet. In just a matter of days, millions of people have already read the blog and they still keep on recommending it to their friends to read. Blogging brings fame indeed, but you have to remember that you have to know what kinds of blogs have a high chance of success of becoming famous. Read the rest of this entry »

Blogging Brings Fame: The Easiest Way to Become an Internet Sensation and Also Earn Some Extra Cash

Do you want to be famous? If you do, then you have to consider that Hollywood isn’t the only way for you to become famous. Today, thanks to the internet, a lot of people have gotten their share of fame. Some makes hilarious videos and post it in websites, while others write blogs. Indeed, you have to consider that blogging brings fame. In fact, there are already quite a few people who became famous because of their blogs. Some have stirred up a hornet’s nest where people who read the blog supported or hated the writer, some also wrote about controversial issues, and there are also others who became famous just because of writing about their interesting life. Read the rest of this entry »

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