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When you are writing your ads for a new pay per click campaign, you must take some time to think through what message you are sending to potential customers. The goal is to get them to click on your advertisement. They should be so enticed by the exciting headline that they are desperate to get to your great information.

Here are some top tips for wording your advertisement to generate curiosity and excitement:

Coupons: If you know that your site is going to offer discounts or coupons related to the product, make sure to mention that, i.e. “Up to 50% off this week”

Holidays: Always use the upcoming holiday (whatever it is) to sell the item. If it is April and you are selling rings, don’t forget to put things like “Get it in time for Mother’s Day!”.

Free shipping: This is, of course, a big perk to any online shopper. If you have any deals on free shipping, make sure to mention that in your advertisement. “Free Shipping on All Orders Over $100”.

Buy One, Get One: This is a very popular type of sale, so if you have a buy one, get one free (or even half off), make sure to put that into your advertisement. “Buy One Book, Get One Free”.

Rare: If you have a product that is hard to find or that others do not have, make sure that you point it out: “We have Green Widgets!”, etc.

Statistics: This works best with health related products. Make sure your statistics are based on research and facts, however. “93% of people said this cured their problem!”

Rebates: If there is an offer of a rebate on the product, be sure to bring that up in your advertisement: “Buy Before December 15 and Get $100 Rebate”.

Comparison shopping: Remind the customer that your website would be a great place to compare products and pricing: “See Reviews on Flat Screen TVs” or “Compare Prices on MP3 Players”.

As you can see, there are a lot of trigger phrases that will hopefully make your potential buyer want to become a “clicker” and then a purchaser of your product!

By using these kinds of key phrases, you will be making the best use of the space that you are allotted in your advertisement. As long as you are paying for the “real estate”, you might as well make good use of it!

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