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If you are pursuing Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), you need to make sure that you are following a good step-by-step plan.

It is very easy to lose month using PPC unless you know what you are doing. One of the key components to research is how to increase your click through rate (CTR).

CTR is simply the number of times that someone clicks on your advertisement as opposed to the number of page impressions. The more visitors you attract, the more money you should make. This is why CTR is extremely important.

After all, if people are not clicking on your ad, how will you sell them anything?

Here are some time tested tips on how to improve your CTR and make more money with PPC:

Set an objective with your ad:
Know what your ad needs to say to influence the potential buyers you are aiming for. You must do some research into your market so that you know what triggers will cause them to click on your ad.

In other words, you must hit their hot button issues in the ad so that they feel COMPELLED to click on your link.

You must have your campaigns organized so that you can assess their effectiveness at any time and change what is not working.

Letting a campaign run without consistent monitoring, using up valuable money each month, is not a good plan. You need to take time each week to really study how your ads are performing and change what isn’t working.

Optimize your site:
Sending traffic to a site that is not optimized to make the sale is not going to help you. You will be paying for lots of clicks, but not converting anyone once they arrive at your site.

Keyword research:
This is one of the most important parts of PPC. You must create ad groups, which are very relevant to your content. The more relevant the keywords are, the higher your CTR will be.

You do not want to run ads using a keyword that does not really convert your niche.

For instance, you would not want to bid on the keyword “dog training” and then try to send people to a website about dog food. While that may be an interesting over all topic, the clicks you get from that will not convert because the visitor is expecting information about dog training.

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