How to Collect the Checks and Outsource the Work

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How would you like to push a button and get client leads who have a real budget and can afford to pay you $1,900 or more for simple services that you can outsource?

Well, join us for a special Online workshop where NY Times Best Selling Author Ron Douglas and Expert Marketing Consultant Guillermo Mata will show you how they’re doing it over and over again with an innovative offline lead gen system that taps an unreached, profitable market.

Join us on the free webinar and discover a much easier way to profit Online, plus:

  • A hot source of leads Online where clients are already advertising
  • An easy push-button software for extracting those leads
  • How to train your outsourced assistant to figure out what the clients need and effectively contact them
  • The super-reliable company they use to deliver the services (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Flash Web Design, etc)
  • How to automate your follow-up process to continue getting $1900 checks from clients

All this without leaving the comforts of your home.

Check out the webinar recording to discover how you can get push-button client leads and earn $1,900 a pop while outsourcing all the work.

All good things,


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