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Soar To The First Page With Social Marketing Done Right

Now that Google is watching social network activity more closely and changing its algorithms to give more weight to social media, would you like to know how to read and respond effectively to crucial social signals that impact your marketing efforts?

The proliferation of Social Networks has literally transformed the way we communicate with our target markets, establish contacts, find potential networking partners and know, with certainty, what our customer base REALLY wants from us.

Inside the free special report “Soar To The First Page With Social Marketing Done Right“, you can explore some of the potential and some of the pitfalls of the fast emerging Social Network world, including:

1.¬†Social Bookmark Traffic – Is It Useful? Read the rest of this entry »

Backup Creator Loves Amazon S3

Have you heard of this thing called Amazon S3? You will, if you haven’t, and if you also use Backup Creator then you will absolutely love the magic they create together.

Amazon S3 is an (almost) free service where you can store all your files … unlimited space … basically, the math comes out to where it’s WAY CHEAPER to host your files on S3 than on your own web space …

And, you might not know this, but they give you the first 5 GB of storage for free … pretty neat.

Well, what does this have to do with you? Read the rest of this entry »

Finding Free Books For Your Kindle

There are literally millions of free books available for your Kindle! Amazon alone has over 50,000 free books. The trick is finding them and getting them onto your Kindle.

Finding FREE Books For Your Kindle reveals all the best tricks.

So what kinds of books can you really get for free? And why are they free anyway?

Many of the books available for free are classics that are now in the public domain. You are probably familiar with many of these great books Read the rest of this entry »

A Whopper of an Offer

Start Your Own Worldwide Unlimited CPanel/WHM Hosting Business


The cost to become a RESELLER is only $16/month.

However today you can grab your own Hosting Reseller Account for just $64/year.

You get the Unlimited CPanel plan + your own Reseller WHM Account + the turnkey reseller website. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Quickly Monetize Your Bright Ideas

The recently launched Mass Income Multiplier (MIM) promises to be the most advanced web-based affiliate marketing application that WORKS. The developers have designed it as a ‘done-for-you’ solution that can address the most common problems for internet marketers: monetized site creation, traffic generation and list building.

At first glance, it’s strongest features are site creation and list building. I expect the promise of traffic generation to improve as more users sign on; for now, you will probably have to rely more on your own marketing efforts.

Users will love this software because: Read the rest of this entry »

Instant Cashflow Training

Check out this free training and opportunity today.

1. We’re going to talk about how you can turn days of “work” into just a couple of minutes of “productivity” and still get all the same things done

2. We’re going to get you backed up, safe and secure so you’ll never lose another file or website ever again

3. You’ll discover how to use this newfound skill to make instant cashflow starting today — you’ll be shocked and amazed at how many people are already doing this …

There’s a cool new WordPress plugin by Robert Plank. It’s called Backup Creator and it competes closely with other high-end (read: EXPENSIVE) backup and cloning plugins like WP-Twin and BackupBuddy.

Now you can backup or clone your blog quickly, easily and cheaply:

Backup Creator will move/copy all your themes, settings, plugins, comments, content, widgets, license keys, everything… on LiquidWeb, HostGator, GoDaddy, BlueHost, and every other web host.

Being able to clone a WordPress blog is a massive time saver. You can now set up a blog in minutes with all your favourite themes, settings and plugins instead of hours!

I wanted to let you know about a very special webinar that Robert and Lance Tamashiro are¬†holding because I want you to “get” how important it is to backup your stuff, especially your membership sites and WordPress blogs. Be live on the call so they can show you how easy and fast it is to setup a new WordPress site (no one else has the technology to do it THIS fast).

Check out this free training and opportunity today.

All good things,

Point and Click Your Way to Sales and Profits

Have you seen this latest offer from Marlon Sanders Marketing Dashboard?

Now this Marketing Dashboard really is cool!

It organizes and simplifies the complete business process with easy to follow step by step instructions to keep you efficient and productive.

It’s software that lets you fill-in-the-blanks, click a button and poof! You have an instant sales letter for your product or service.

You get a sales letter nicely formatted on a web page with a fully customized design when you’re finished.

You can check it out right now and get going with a special discount offer at:

Point-and-Click your way to sales and profits

All good things,

The Latest RAP on IM

RAP Bank

Did You Know … You can SPY on what’s HOT, and what’s NOT! Boost profits, save BIG-Time on hot products, get exclusive reports on product trending patterns, etc.. only as an upgraded member at RAP Bank.

RAP Bank offers hundreds of products to help you achieve success online and new products are added every week. Recently, we’ve approved the following new Internet Business and Marketing products to be listed on RAP Bank: Read the rest of this entry »

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