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Confidential Conversions – Is it Really Worth it?

Even though you can make good money selling products/services online, there is something about CPA marketing that pulls everybody. Cost Per Action, or CPA, is the process in which a marketer presents an offer, made by some company, to a visitor and that person completes some kind of sign-up process to obtain something for free. Confidential Conversions focuses on CPA marketing and aims to teach newbie’s and experienced marketers alike – the essence of CPA and what it takes to be successful with it. Highly experienced and successful CPA/affiliate marketer, Philip Mansour, developed this course, Confidential Conversions. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips For Choosing A Good SEO Company

An SEO company can help to get your website performing better in the search engines but you may be finding it tricky to decide which one to choose. If you want to make sure choose a good SEO company then the following tips can help.

– If an SEO company is promising you the earth, moon and stars then you should be very suspicious. Some of these services will tell you that they can guarantee you the top spot on Google for your keywords, but these claims should be treated with suspicion. You would be much better off choosing an SEO company who promises to improve your website’s performance rather than one who is misleading you with claims to get you to number one.

– Always check out the website of the SEO service and see if they practice what they preach. What chance will an SEO company have of getting your website to perform better if they can’t do it with their own one. Have a look at their page ranking and check out which keywords they are ranking for.

– Avoid an SEO company that is going to use black hat techniques to promote your website. Black hat techniques tend to work in the beginning and you may be delighted with the results but they could backfire and cause the search engines to ban your website. A lot of SEO companies which are not so reputable tend to use these black hat techniques in order to impress potential customers and get them to pay for the service. But you could end up with a website which disappears from the search engines one day because you have been banned because you broke the terms of the search engines service.

– Do a search online to see if you can find out a bit of information about the websites reputation. Some of these reviews might be written be the SEO company but these are often easy to spot. A great place to find information about the SEO company and their reputation is through the online forums.

When setting up a website it’s important to have great SEO. SEO firms can help you with your website by many means, and some of these are Article Marketing. Expert help is always a boon when it comes to SEO. But SEO is only part of the equation, Web Hosting Reviews are vital as well.

Web Presence – Getting Your Website Seen

Sometimes it’s difficult to create a presence on the internet. You try and try and you’re just not making it. Your website is lost somewhere down in the basement of Google. The key to success in the online world is website traffic. So what’s a company to do?

– Find a good freelance SEO consultant and hire them. Ask around, do some research, and find an online media agency with a good track record. That company can help get your website to the top of Google.

– YouTube is the biggest social media tool on the Internet today. It gets more hits than Facebook or Google. Google now even offers a tool that translates videos to texts. If you’d rather not be on YouTube yourself you can create PowerPoint presentations about your company and post them to YouTube. YouTube can help your company climb to the top of internet ratings.

– Blogs are another way of getting readers to your website and creating brand awareness. Attach a Blog to your website and make sure that there are plenty of links to your site. Always blog about something that is pertinent to your business or company.

– Articles draw people to your website. There are plenty of free places to publish articles that will include the name of your website and showcase some of your business acumen and expertise. Look into,,, and Each has its own positive and negative attributes but any and all of them can get you published and linked to your website.

– Social networking can get your company’s name swiftly into the online world, drawing visitors to your website and ultimately bringing in new clients with new business. Make sure, when you decide to get into social networking, that you use a name that accurately describes yourself, and more importantly, your business. Include a link to your business’s website in each post. Social networking sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other sites.

– Online marketing is well served by press releases. Press releases keep your customers and potential customers up on company news and upcoming events. Your brand reputation will be enhanced and your company’s web presence will be established. Press releases will create possible relationships with potential customers and bring traffic to your website.

The key to all of this is to always include a link to your website. You can tweet and Facebook ’til the cows come home but if readers don’t know where to find your website all of your work is in vain. Try the ideas above to watch your company’s website shoot up the Google rankings. A successful website will be on the first page of Google searches. Get out there and make it happen!

High Priced Seo Errors To Avoid

Want your site to rank higher? Here are a few mistakes to avoid that will save you time and money when optimizing your site.

First of all, you have to be careful not to choose the wrong keywords to target, as finding the best keywords is an important part of search engine optimization. When it comes to how highly your site is going to rank, the deciding factor is the keywords you use. Before you decide on your keywords, make sure you do enough research and take the time to find out what your prospects need and want. To figure out your target market, put yourself in their shoes and imagine which words they would be likely to search with. Free online tools such as Word Tracker and Google’s Keyword Tool can also be helpful. Seek out keywords that get many searches but not a great deal of competition. Words or terms of this type are sometimes called long tail keywords, and they are also called buying keywords, as someone who wants to buy a specific item will search using such a keyword. The advantage of these keyword phrases is that they aren’t as competitive so your chances of getting a high ranking for them is good. You also have to be sure that the keywords you pick are ones that your customers will respond to. If you want to succeed, you have to take the time to do very specific keyword research. If you don’t target the right keywords, you’ll only end up having to repeat the process and start over with new keywords, so you may as well do it right the first time.

Take part in blog discussions on your topic and ask for links directly There are a multitude of ways to build links that are not hard. While it is not hard it can be repetitive. It is a bad idea to involve yourself in unethical techniques in the long run. You don’t want to be blackballed by the search engines. A lot of effort will go into developing legal back links. Your focused link building ability will be beneficial to your site in the long run.

Your ratings will be better if you create content on your site that is appealing and interesting. To make your ranking soar be sure your content is quality in nature. Your theme and content must match.

Failing to maintain your SEO is a mistake many web masters make in the beginning. Heavy competition makes it a matter of importance to update your content regularly although the work might be initially difficult it will get your site noticed. Getting to the top of the rankings is a challenge worth the effort. Don’t stop optimizing just because your reach the top, constantly updating is what creates wealth. You can see what is happening to your rankings while still maintaining your site often. You must watch over competitors sites too in order to stay on top.

The next mistake to avoid is choosing the wrong company to do your SEO when you choose not to do it yourself. There are many companies that offer SEO for your site, not all of them are good. The last thing you want it to get banned from search engines because the company you chose used black hat SEO. Don’t let these companies enticements leave you with a bad website. Follow up on references from companies you are considering dealing with. In summary, if there is one thing about SEO that you need to make sure, then it has to be fewer mistakes and more progress.

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How and why to build an email list

You’ve probably heard this common Internet marketing mantra a million times. The big money is in online list building. List marketing is probably the most powerful way to create a profitable home based business. You must learn how to build a list in order to reach your potential.

Why it works

Most people won’t open their wallets after seeing a marketing message only once. Repeated exposure is usually necessary to inspire action. You can create opportunities for multiple exposure by adding an individual to your list.

Plus, most people are more likely to make purchases from people they feel they know and can trust. You can use emails to your list to forge a personal connection. Relationship building creates an opportunity to encourage sales.

How to do it

Internet marketing is a proven winning home based business for women or men when you implement a simple squeeze page. A squeeze page is a landing page designed with a single purpose. It should encourage readers to become subscribers to your list. Anything else is completely extraneous.

The use of a free gift is an effective way to persuade visitors to join your list. This is a proven strategy that you can use to spur the success of your business.

A great inducement isn’t enough to get the best results, however. Building a squeeze page the right way is just as important. There are certain squeeze page strategies that produce the best results. You should be using those moneymaking approaches. As such, you’ll want to rely on these three strategies.

Squeeze page basics

First, your squeeze page should be free of all outgoing links with the exception of the “submit” button on your sign up form. You don’t want to provide your prospective customers with an “escape route” or distractions that may reduce conversions.

Additionally, your squeeze page should have a concise, strong message. You want to make your offer of an inducement attractive and you don’t want to dilute that point with extraneous verbiage. Don’t forget that your squeeze page only has one purpose – to build a list. You should choose every word with that goal in mind.

Finally, you should handle the sign up procedure as if it’s a sale – you should work to close the transaction. Thus, your squeeze page’s sign up form needs to include an extremely strong call to action. Make it crystal clear that there’s a real value in becoming a part of your list.


If you’re following those three pieces of advice and are offering a smart “bribe”, you’ll have a successful squeeze page! That will give you the opportunity to develop an effective relationship with prospects. It will also allow you to reach them with your marketing messages on multiple occasions.

You will dramatically improve your business by using these email list building secrets. The best marketers in the business rely on list building for a reason. It’s true – the money is in the list!

Is AffilioJetPack the Product for Me?

AffilioJetPack is Mark Ling’s newest release. It is a totally whole system for affiliate marketers who really want to earn money on the internet but do not have the time or funds to put together a business from the ground up. There is so much more to affiliate marketing than what people think there is. This is why so many new affiliates fail; they don’t put in the right amount of work. This is why Mark Ling created AffilioJetPack: to help affiliate marketers turn the profits they’ve always wanted to turn. Downloading, setting up and watching the money roll in are the only steps to this system. But is it all that the hype has cracked it up to be? Figure it out for yourself.

Before we start on the content just a quick note on what sort of people should consider buying a product like this, and believe me they are not for everyone. There is an awful lot to learn in Internet marketing and it’s a huge challenge to take in all the information, some people relish the learning. Some enjoy studying methods on using anonymous surfing techniques in order to bookmark from multiple accounts. To some this detail is fascinating, to others learning how to use a UK proxy is an unnecessary distraction. These courses are for the latter people, they will focus your resources on making money without distraction.

An e-mail list is an internet marketer’s best friend and most valuable asset. The e-mail list you build is worth its weight in gold. Your list is made up of people who want to hear more from you and, possibly, buy other things that you will have for sale. Not a lot of affiliate marketers know how to properly put an e-mail list to use. AffilioJetPack comes with a complete and ready to go automatic response system. You will be given everything that you need to make money from the people who have subscribed to your list. You don’t have to hire someone to figure out a communication system for you because this product already has one that is ready to go. You just have to push go. One of the most important parts of a newsletter is the information it gives away. You are obviously going to want to send out e-mails that do more than sell things. If you try to sell things each time, people will unsubscribe from your list at an alarming rate. What you should do is provide your subscribers with lots of useful information. You want to give away at least a little bit of information for free–this way your subscribers will learn to trust you and find value in opening and reading your e-mails to them. This helps to ensure that when you do send out those sales e-mails that your subscribers will be ready to read them and buy what you are selling. AffilioJetPack is built with almost a hundred informational newsletters for every niche that you want to set up.

If you find that you are desperate for bringing in some extra funds, you can also use the auto response system set up by Mark Ling to sell, using the more than one dozen hard sell e-mails that also comes with the product. If you spread out these e-mails between the informational ones, your subscribers are more likely to trust you and actually buy from you when you are ready to sell. There are all sorts of different reasons to make a go of affiliate marketing. With AffilioJetPack the system has been totally set up and automated for your ease of use. All you have to do is take it out of the box and set it up. From there, the program works all by itself. It sounds too good to be true, but that doesn’t mean that it is not worth its asking price. Test it! You will be happy you did!

Take A Short Look At Your Own Web Marketing Technique

Mind blowing sales is the dream of each and every business owner, but when it comes to online activity, such results come only with the best Online marketing technique possible. Your advertising and marketing process, has to be completed by utilizing a number of website directories, blogs, social networks and loads of other targeted websites that allow you to increase your targeted visitors, page ranking and sales.

Establish Your Actual Visitors!

An item may provide all of the quality features you might be expecting, yet it may still not be profitable in the marketplace when the customers are not targeted correctly. A good Online marketing strategy is the one that is built on factors like gender, prospects occupational domain, income or budget, necessity, time invested in browsing on the Internet and so forth. Put together all of these and you’ll get a much better image. Only after that should you carry on with placing ads and elaborating on your marketing method.

Presence Helps Make The Message Stronger!

Formulate your marketing message well, and also place your advertisements in very obvious areas. Make sure you do not annoy customers, simply because a lot of web developers mistake aggressive marketing strategies for visibility improvement. Your Internet marketing technique should be created in a pleasant advertising message. Fail to recognize this, and potential customers will avoid your website.

Additional Circumstances Needed!

The results of a certain online marketing strategies also depends on elements like exterior back linking, search engine positioning, content material quality and site traffic. The nature of your business should be directly reflected in the marketing message. If you discover poor overall performance in your advertisements, you must examine all elements involved to truly discover the culprit. This will only be accomplished by continuous monitoring and tracking.

How You Can Calculate The Results!

The conversion rate is typically the most effective indicator of the success of your Online marketing method. Pick the most conclusive component: the one which you take most interest in. Do you want to gauge the volume of newsletter subscribers, the number of sales orders, the actual click-through or even the downloads of your no cost informative resources? The conversion rates might, clearly show what works and also what doesn’t work on your site.

Carefully organize all the data you obtain, in such a way so as to be in a position to evaluate them, and make a clear decision about how precisely things stand. Make use of spreadsheets to simplify the organizational portion! You’ll therefore know how expenses stand in comparison with the planned spending budget and the income.

Most people already know the importance of employing a search engine submission and link building service, for those who do not yet fully grasp why this is essential you’ll find two video clips which explain the importance of these kinds of techniques at our site. You can find us at: search engine submission service.

Want Higher Rankings? Then Work On Your Google Trust Rank!

Google applies a “trust rank” to websites that are using search engine optimization techniques in order to rise in the search results. It shows how much Google trusts both the relevance and authenticity of a given website or web page. Good link building, for example, shows Google that your website is relevant to its primary subject or service and your trust rank will rise. Because your link profile is one of the most important factors when it comes to improving your rankings for your chosen keywords, it is vital to always be improving the factors that influence your link profile. Keep in mind that Google not only takes the number of links into consideration, but the actual relevancy (i.e. if it happens to be from a page with a similar topic, or whether uses any relevant keywords in its anchor text), as well as what value they have placed on that linking page. When most people go about link building they will usually ignore the importance of quality links, many people simply look at a link as a link and go for quantity over quality. This is the wrong way to go about link building, the main aim for successful link building is to get some from ‘authority’ sites, these are sites that have a high Google rank and a high trust rank themselves, an authority site link is worth more than many irrelevant site links. The kinds of sectors that have a reputation for authoritative backlinks are industry leaders, education sites, experts in specific fields, government sites, and top news portals. Obviously, these are the types of sites that will help raise your trust ranking, so your goal should be to gather as many links as possible from sites like these. However, when it comes to SEO, things are not that simple. Google has made it known that they watch for any evidence of link building that does not look natural, so be careful not to build links too fast, or have links that seem to come from the same group of sites. In addition, factors like your domain’s age and how long it’s been registered, keywords, relevancy of pages, and your site overall are incorporated into your trust ranking. It is believed that Google tends to keep records of a few of these various trust rank measurements for a certain amount of time to be able to continue comparing what they find about your site. This way they are able to offer up a realistic trust rank for each and everyone of your pages.

Continue : Google Trust Rank

Where Should You Get Your Hyperlinks From?

Developing your website with an attractive design and high quality content ought to go side by side with building hyperlinks. Building hyperlinks with a good link building service are very essential for the page rank. But should you think, the much more the hyperlinks your website has, the much more is going to be your page rank, you are wrong. You will find specific values for each hyperlinks. Not all the hyperlinks are treated equally. The hyperlinks that you get from respected websites, well-known websites, most sought after websites are worthier than the hyperlinks you may get from normal websites and new websites. A little analysis of which websites are worth getting a website link from would clear this issue.

First of all you must see the age of the website. The older it may be the better. The search engines worth the old websites as trusted one than the new ones. It enjoys a good reputation to get a good ranking. Also, most of the older websites will be very well-known too, as they will be in the business for a long time. So, you must be constantly trying to get hyperlinks from this kind of websites with a seo service. One website link from this kind of websites would have much more worth than ten ordinary hyperlinks.

Then the next thing you ought to take note of may be the page rank. It is a good scale to determine the quality of the website. Though Google rates the websites on numerous scales, the one that is visible to the public may be the Google Toolbar Page Rank. It has a amount between and 10. The website that has the page rank of 10 means it is really a quality website. And as the websites enter the web their page rank will be . It starts to improve as they gain popularity. So, to get a website link from the websites which have a higher page rank has much more worth.

Then those websites which have a greater number of indexed pages are worthier to get a website link. This we might find out by just typing website: in Google Search. This will show all the pages indexed in Google. If the website has thousands of indexed pages, it shows that the website has been there in company for a number of years.

The number of incoming hyperlinks is very essential to choose a website. This may be discovered effortlessly by typing website link: in Google search. This will give you a list of domains which are linking to that website. From this, we might evaluate the reputation and significance of the website. The website visitors also determines the quality of the website. You might use automatic applications like SEOmoz Trifecta Tool or tools from seo link building service such as SEO Link Vine to assess the quality of a website on the web. To get back hyperlinks from this kind of websites will add excellent worth to your website.

The Top Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Create a YouTube Community

Since it’s creation in 2005, YouTube has steadily grown into a revolutionary force across hundreds of industries. While once viewed as a simple online video sharing service, YouTube has grown into a legitimate advertising and social media platform with a global reach of more than 2 billion views per day.

For any startup or internet-based business, traditional modes of advertising and marketing are often too cumbersome and ineffective to warrant their high costs. YouTube Communities offer several distinct advantages to other modes of advertising and considering its cost (FREE!), it can provide an incalculable return on investment.

The Top Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Create a YouTube Community:

1. The Upside of Going Viral
There are countless hours of amateur home video that have now been viewed hundreds of millions of times with little to no effort by their creators. The majority of these videos are viewed multiple times by the same individual who then share or recommend this content to others. By catering videos and ads to your target demographic, a well-made or “catchy” video has the potential to spread to a global audience overnight, simply by word of mouth. The cascading effect of viral videos gives your YouTube Community a worldwide reach that would be impossible to duplicate through other methods.

2. Versatility and Customizability
YouTube is the most versatile platform for direct-to-consumer marketing, enabling the full gamut of multimedia capabilities (video, audio, photo, text). Your internet business can express its identity and message through any method of multimedia delivery and also design its YouTube Community page to further brand identity. Because you are the owner of your community page, YouTube offers an advertising outlet that is more customizable than any traditional marketing platform. Convey your brand and your message in whatever way you choose.

3. Direct Consumer Feedback
The comments, rating and analytics features of a YouTube community offer valuable feedback, direct from your target demographic without need to pay for focus groups or market research consultants. The significance of creating a YouTube Community lies in the close-knit ties your internet business can create with its customers, encouraging brand loyalty and establishing yourself as a business that truly cares about its customers.

4. Free Product Testing and Market Research
The integration of your company’s YouTube Community into market research and product testing efforts is a valuable capability that can save both time and money. YouTube communities serve as a custom-built body of customers who are eager and excited about your products or services. Offering exclusive promotions or sneak peeks at new products directly to your ready-made market can save thousands of dollars on failed product launches or irrelevant market data.

The idea behind YouTube Communities is nothing new or revolutionary, but the impact it can have on your business is tremendous. In an age of constant connectivity, social media is forcing businesses to stay relevant by being integrated into their customers’ daily commutes around the web. Make sure yours is an important stop along their way!

Find how to have success online by getting great tips. There is a way that you can find making your living online, do some research for the answers. Head online and learn more today.

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